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3/14/2014.  Seemed like a normal Friday as George & I were on our way to the North Florida Genealogy Event in Orange Park, FL but a surprise was coming our way.  We were featured on America Now, a very popular midday news you can use program.  An excellent story.  Thanks a bunch!    

3/13/2014 Post cards are fun and very collectible.  Plus they often reveal interesting aspects of family members.  We are excited to welcome the Leach family of post card traders to JustaJoy.com!  Jack, son Michael and daughter Vicki are nationally recognized for their fantastic collection.  Members - watch your e-mail for their interesting post card postings.

2/27/2014 A big welcome to Everitt Bowles, internationally known Civil War dealer!  Everitt plans to list hundreds of identified Civil War items within the next couple of months.  Very exciting!    

2/12/2014 JustaJoy.com was happy to be included in a recent news broadcast in the Charlotte area in reference to an extraordinarily rare runaway slave broadside recently added to the site.  What makes this item particularly interesting is that the slaves ran away from the first mayor of Charlotte!  Thank you Colleen Harry (reporter) and Reuben (cameraman) for a touching and introspective story.


10/31/2013So very pleased that WBTV Channel 3 in Charlotte made JustaJoy.com a cover story for the local news last evening.  Thanks Kristen Miranda for a great explanation of what we do.  The appraisal fair was fun, too!  Link below -


10/27/2013Thanks to Time Warner News Channel 14 for a story that highlights JustaJoy.com in terms of African American history. Link -


10/26/2013  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT -Our First National Coverage! Thanks Greg Collard, WFAE for a great story on NPR. New Members from 30 states are now a part of the JustaJoy.com Family Heirloom Exchange!  Link -


8/29/2013 The JustaJoy.com Family Heirloom Exchange appreciates being featured on the latest PBS Show, "North Carolina, Now".  Link -


12/5/2012 When we first spoke Kris Van Cleave at ABC Channel 7 News in Washington DC to tell him about a couple of  JustaJoy.com success stories in  his area, he told us that they were a "hard news channel". However, he was still compelled to do the story which aired last night. He presented JustaJoy.com as a gift idea, which it is. We just didn't know the story of JustaJoy.com could be told so quickly - under 2 minutes!  Check it out -


9/30/2012 A wonderful story was done by FoxCarolina in the Spartanburg area about a WWI "Honor Roll".  This reporter on this story focused on JustaJoy.com and Joy, herself, as well as the Caldwells.  It can be seen at the link below:



7/25/2012 JustaJoy.com Family Heirloom Exchange announces complimentary (FREE) memberships available for genealogical libraries.  For more information: Joy@JustaJoy.com

7/18/2012Love the Charlotte Magazine Story that just came out a few days ago.  Thanks Virginia (writer) and Nancy (photographer) - Great job!  Link to story -



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