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                                      Charlotte Magazine Story, August 2012

Former Booth at the ICA Show - Charlotte, NC
The JustaJoy.com Family Heirloom Exchange is an outgrowth of a successful antique business owned by Joy and George Shivar.  JustaJoy Historical Treasures is well-known throughout the South for offering "investment grade artifacts of the American experience".  Exhibits have been seen in many states at Civil War, antique, military, black history and gun shows.  Throughout this time, the need for a way to alert families about items available in the antique world became overwhelming and the website was born.
    Joy Shivar
Being raised at Boonesboro, Kentucky in a house whose core was built only 3 years after the original Ft. Boonesboro is the best explanation Joy can offer to explain her passion for all things historical.  She remembers her father explaining how the original settlers traversed the Cumberland Gap to establish the colony and how those discussions made her feel like it happened yesterday.  Her approach to the antiques business was somewhat unusual.  "If it shines, we usually don't want it," she explains.  "History is often dark, dirty or rusty.  What matters is the person behind the artifact."
    George Shivar
A software designer and self-proclaimed "glass and chrome" guy, George was quite unaware of vintage vanities until he fell in love with Joy.  "Most families have a 'man cave' but at our house I had to control HER collecting habit", he explains.  But time changes us all and now George can thoroughly explain the delicate differences between a pinfire bullet and a rimfire.  Through his study of his family he has discovered Civil War and Revolutionary War ancestors and admits that knowledge makes history much more fun.
   Marcus Shanks
Marcus, an expert in media relations and technology, kindly lends his assistance, on an as needed basis.  His experience in major TV sports productions behind the scenes is invaluable and he will no doubt remain a valued member of the JustaJoy.com team.
 Carson Jenkins
Well-known to many Civil War and antique dealers as patient, kind, and thoughtful, Carson is the internet genius behind the JustaJoy.com Family Heirloom Exchange.  For more about his professional services, visit GrayCatSystems.com.